Socio-economic Empowerment Program

Our Socio-economic Empowerment Program (SEEP) supports low-income members and those with language barriers through skill development classes and social services.


Skill Development Classes

KACC’s purpose for the skill development classes is for those needing employment opportunities and pursuits to enrich their lifestyles. Many low-income folks struggle to find resources due to language and cultural barriers, which can hinder qualifying individuals from reaching their potential. With our classes, we intend to motivate and foster people in all stages of life through knowledge and confidence.

  • Classes include:
    • English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
    • Computer
    • Floral Design Class
    • Cosmetology Classes
    • Financial workshops
    • Resume building

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Social Services

We provide services to those who need English translation and interpretation to apply for, learn and consult about social welfare benefits.