As an AAPI organization, we recognize the struggles of children finding stability in their bicultural identity and a community that understands their differences. With this in mind, we decided to organize a youth program called Youth Potential, devoted to providing an expressive outlet for kids K-8th grade through sports, music, and art.


Sports are a healthy medium for kids to experience teamwork, endurance, and strategic thinking. As they learn new skills and gameplay, there’s an opportunity for them to establish relationships with other kids their age. Our classes are led by high school and college students to create a more approachable and relaxed learning experience. The kids can interact with the coaches easily while assimilating to the different sports.

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Music + Art



Youth Endeavors is a leadership program for high school students through volunteering opportunities. They will learn about the current events and apply their new knowledge to benefit the communities around them. Students will meet with professionals who specialize in their respective fields and learn to identify the source of the issue and brainstorm a solution plan that can make an impact. Some topics they may work with are climate change, pollution, government injustice, and poverty. Students at Youth Endeavors will establish a student committee of the president, vice president, secretary, and historian roles. Each role will require different responsibilities, with the support of an advisor at all times.